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      Forrest Gump


      [02:54.49]你好。我叫福雷斯,福雷斯甘 Hello. My name's Forrest - Forrest Gump.
      [03:05.00]要吃巧克力吗? Do you want a chocolate?
      [03:09.51]我能吃掉上百万块巧克力 I could eat about a million and a half of these.
      [03:14.02]我妈妈常说 My mama always said
      [03:16.02]人生就像一盒各式各样的巧克力 Life was like a box of chocolates.
      [03:21.36]你永远不知道下一块将会是哪种 You never know what you're going to get.
      [03:31.37]那双鞋子一定很舒适 Those must be comfortable shoes.
      [03:34.37]穿这样的鞋子你可以走上一整天 I bet you could walk all day in shoes like that
      [03:37.81]脚都不会痛 and not feel a thing.
      [03:41.98]我希望能有一双这样的鞋子 I wish I had shoes like that.
      [03:45.49]其实我的脚很痛 My feet hurt .
      [03:47.99]妈妈常说要想知道一个人的很多事情 Mama always said there's an awful lot
      [03:49.99]只要看看他穿的鞋就能知道 you can tell about a person by their shoes.
      [03:54.00]他会往哪里走 Where they're going,
      [03:56.00]他住在哪里 where they've been.
      [04:04.51]我穿过很多双鞋子 I've worn lots of shoes.
      [04:09.02]如果我仔细想的话 I bet if I think about it real hard
      [04:12.02]我能记得我第一双鞋子的模样 I could remember my first pair of shoes.
      [04:17.19]妈妈说它会带我到任何地方 Mama said they'd take me anywhere .
      [04:20.39]她说它是双魔鞋 She said they was my magic shoes.
      [04:23.49]好的,福雷斯,张开双眼 All right, Forrest, Open your eyes now .
      [04:33.51]你走几步看看 Let's take a little walk around.
      [04:42.95]感觉如何? How do those feel?
      [04:47.96]他的双腿很强壮,甘太太 His legs are strong, Mrs. Gump,
      [04:50.33]是我见过最强壮的 as strong as I've ever seen.
      [04:52.83]但是他的背象政客一样弯 But his back's as crooked as a politician.
      [04:56.97]但我们会让他再直起来,对吧? But we're going to straighten him right up, aren't we, Forrest?
      [05:00.41]福雷斯! Forrest!
      [05:01.74]我刚出世时 Now, when I was a baby,
      [05:04.48]妈用了一位内战英雄的名字为我取名 Mama named me after the great Civil War hero
      [05:07.31]内森贝弗福雷斯将军 General Nathan Bedford Forrest.
      [05:08.32]内森贝弗福雷斯将军 General Nathan Bedford Forrest.
      [05:09.48]她说我们有点亲戚关系 She said we was related to him in some way.
      [05:12.99]他做过的事情是: What he did was,
      [05:14.49]建立了一个俱乐部叫三K党 he tarted up this club called the Ku Klux Klan.
      [05:17.99]他们全披着长袍和床单 They'd all dress up in their robes and their bed sheets
      [05:21.50]看来像一群鬼 and act like a bunch of ghosts or spooks or something.
      [05:26.00]他们还在马上也披了床单四处跑 They'd even put bed sheets on their horses and ride around.
      [05:30.01]不管怎样,这就是我名字的由来:福雷斯甘 And, anyway, that'show I got my name-- Forrest Gump.
      [05:34.15]妈妈说这名字是提醒我 Mama said the Forrest part was to remind me
      [05:37.55]我们会经常做一些 that sometimes we all do things that, well,
      [05:40.56]并没有意义的事情 that just don't make no sense.
      [05:51.95]向这边! This way. Hold on. Ugh!
      [05:54.96]好了 All right.
      [05:57.19]你们在看什么? What are y'all staring at?
      [05:59.20]从来没有见过 Haven't you ever seen
      [06:00.70]小孩子戴脚撑的吗? a little boy with braces on his legs before ?
      [06:04.94]不要管其它人 Don't ever let anybody
      [06:06.44]说他们比你强,福雷斯 tell you they're better than you, Forrest.
      [06:08.94]如果上帝要让人人都一样的话 If God intended everybody to be the same,
      [06:11.44]他会给每人一双脚撑 he'd have given us all braces on our legs.
      [06:14.45]妈妈总有办法让我明白她的意思 Mama always had a way of explaining things so I could understand them.
      [06:18.59]我们住在17号公路附近 We lived about a quarter mile off Route 17,
      [06:22.99]距离亚拉巴马州绿茵镇约半哩 about a half mile from the town of Greenbow, Alabama.
      [06:26.00]这个地方属于绿茵县 That's in the county of Greenbow.
      [06:29.00]我们的房子来自妈妈的家族 Our house had been in Mama's family
      [06:31.50]从她爷爷的爷爷的爷爷传下来的 since her grandpa's grandpa's grandpa
      [06:33.64]他大概在一千年前飘洋过海来这里 had come across the ocean about a thousand years ago.
      [06:37.14]房子只有我和妈妈住 Since it was just me and Mama
      [06:39.58]我们有好多空房间 and we had all these empty rooms,
      [06:41.58]妈妈将这些空房出租 Mama decided to let those rooms out,
      [06:44.08]给路过的人住 mostly to people passing through,
      [06:45.59]比如从莫比镇、或蒙哥马利镇来的人 Like from, oh, Mobile, Montgomery, places like that.
      [06:49.26]我和妈妈靠这个挣到钱 That's how me and Mama got money.
      [06:52.26]妈妈是个很聪明的女士 Mama was a real smart lady.
      [06:55.10]记住我说的话,福雷斯 Remember what I told you, Forrest.
      [06:57.10]你和其它任何人是一样的 You're no different than anybody else is.
      [07:02.44]听清楚了没有,福雷斯? Did you hear what I said, Forrest?
      [07:04.94]你和其它人是一样的 You're the same as everybody else.
      [07:07.45]你并没有什么不一样 You are no different.
      [07:09.45]你的孩子有点不一样,甘太太 Your boy's...different, Mrs. Gump.
      [07:14.19]他的智商只有75 His I.Q is 75.
      [07:16.69]我们都是不一样的 Well, we're all different,
      [07:19.30]汉考克先生 Mr. Hancock.
      [07:23.80]她希望我得到最好的教育 She wanted me to have the finest education
      [07:26.30]所以她带我去绿茵县中心学校 so she to ok me to the Greenbow County Central School.
      [07:29.81]我见到了校长什么的 I met the principal and all.
      [07:32.81]请你看看这个,甘太太 I want to show you something, Mrs. Gump.
      [07:36.15]这是正常水平 Now, this is normal.
      [07:38.62]福雷斯则是在这儿 Forrest is right here .
      [07:43.69]州政府要求智商起码要80 The state require s a minimum I.Q of 80
      [07:46.60]才能上公立学校 to attend public school.
      [07:48.40]甘太太 Mrs. Gump,
      [07:49.77]他应该上特殊学校 he's going to have to go to a special school.
      [07:52.74]在那里他会很好的 Now, he'll be just fine.
      [07:55.24]正常水平是什么意思? What does normal mean anyway ?
      [07:57.74]他可能… He might be...
      [07:59.74]反应不太灵敏 a bit on the slow side,
      [08:01.95]但我儿子福雷斯 but my boy Forrest
      [08:03.45]应该和其它人一样得到机会 is going to get the same opportunities as everyone else.
      [08:06.45]他不该去特殊学校 He's not going to some special school
      [08:08.62]学怎么翻修轮胎 to learn how to retread tires.
      [08:10.63]这不过是区区5分的问题 We're talking about five little points here .
      [08:15.46]一定会有办法解决的 There must be something can be done.
      [08:18.43]我们的学校是要排名次的 We're a progressive school system.
      [08:22.97]我们不想有人拉后腿 We don't want to see anybody left behind.
      [08:25.81]甘先生在哪儿,甘太太? Is there a Mr. Gump, Mrs. Gump?
      [08:33.39]他去度假了 He's on vacation.
      [08:52.38]你妈妈真是很关心你的教育,孩子 Well, your mama sure does care about your schooling, son.
      [09:01.90]你不太会说话,是吗? You don't say much, do you?
      [09:15.93]“最后,他必须去试一试 "Finally, he had to try.
      [09:18.20]“看起来容易,但是… "It looked easy, but...
      [09:21.20]“发生了怪事,首先他们… oh, what happened. First they--"
      [09:23.87]妈妈,度假是什么意思? Mama, what's vacation mean?
      [09:27.21]度假? Vacation?
      [09:28.54]爸爸去哪儿了? Where Daddy went?
      [09:32.21]度假就是你去一个地方… Vacation's when you go somewhere...
      [09:37.39]然后就不再回来 and you don't ever come back.
      [09:43.73]总之,我想你可以说 Anyway, I guess you could say
      [09:45.73]我和妈妈无依无靠 me and Mama was on our own.
      [09:48.37]但我们不介意 But we didn't mind.
      [09:50.40]我们的房子总住满了人 Our house was never empty.
      [09:52.91]经常是人来人往的 There was always folks coming and going.
      [09:55.91]开饭! Supper!
      [09:57.08]大家来吃晚饭啦! It's supper, everyone!
      [09:58.58]这看起来很特别 That sure looks special.
      [10:00.18]有时有这么多人和我们一起住 Sometimes, we had so many people staying with us
      [10:03.08]每个房间都住满了旅客 that every room was filled, with travelers, you know,
      [10:06.59]这些人带着行李箱子 folks living out of their suitcases
      [10:09.09]还有帽子箱子,还有样品箱子 and hat cases and sample cases.
      [10:12.60]福雷斯甘,吃晚饭了!福雷斯? Forrest Gump, it's suppertime! Forrest?
      [10:16.37]有一次,又有位年青人和我们住一起 One time, a young man was staying with us,
      [10:19.27]他带着一个吉它箱子 and he had him a guitar case.
      [10:26.95]“你从来逮不到兔子” # Well, you ain't never caught a rabbit #
      [10:30.79]“你也不是…” # And you ain't no #
      [10:32.45]“我的朋友” # Friend of mine #
      [10:35.86]福雷斯 Forrest,
      [10:37.53]叫你不要打扰这位叔叔 I told you not to bother this nice young man.
      [10:40.36]不,没关系,太太 No, that's all right, ma'am.
      [10:41.87]我在弹吉它给他听 I was showing him a thing or two on the guitar.
      [10:45.37]好吧,你可以来吃晚饭了 All right. Supper's ready if y'all want to eat.
      [10:48.37]行,好极了。谢谢你,太太 Yeah, that sounds good. Thank you, ma'am.
      [10:51.38]喂,兄弟,请你再表演一遍刚才那步法 Say, man, show me that crazy little walk you did there .
      [10:54.88]稍微慢一点 Slow it down some.
      [10:56.38]“你只不过是…” # You ain't nothing but-- #
      [10:58.92]我喜欢那吉它 I liked that guitar.
      [11:01.29]它很好听 It sounded good.
      [11:03.96]我伴着音乐移动着脚步 I started moving around to the music,
      [11:09.27]扭着我的臀部 swinging my hips.
      [11:11.27]“哭喊不停” # Cryin' all the time #
      [11:13.44]那天晚上 This one night,
      [11:15.01]我和妈妈出去购物 me and Mama was out shopping,
      [11:17.01]我们路过文斯家私商店 and we walked by Vincy's Furniture and Appliance Store,
      [11:19.51]你猜怎么着? and guess what?
      [11:22.55]“你只不过是一条猎犬” # You ain't nothin' but a hound dog #
      [11:27.06]“哭喊不停” # Cryin' all the time #
      [11:31.83]“你只不过是一条猎犬” # You ain't nothin' but a hound dog #
      [11:33.83]小孩子不能看这个 This is not for children's eyes.
      [11:36.80]“哭喊不停” # Cryin' all the time #
      [11:38.94]几年以后, Some years later,
      [11:40.44]听说那位帅哥被人称为“猫王” that handsome young man who they called the King,
      [11:43.44]嗯,他唱的歌实在太多 well, he sung too many songs.
      [11:46.41]结果他得了心脏病什么的 Had him self a heart attack or something.
      [11:49.42]看来“王”确实是不好当啊 It must be hard being a king.
      [11:55.92]你知道,你的记忆有时清楚得不得了 You know, it's funny how you remember some things,
      [11:58.43]有时却什么也不记得 but some things you can't.
      [11:59.56]你要开始努力学习了,福雷斯 You do your very best now, Forrest.
      [12:02.97]我一定会的,妈妈 I sure will, Mama.
      [12:05.44]我记得第一次乘校车去上学 I remember the bus ride on the first day of school
      [12:09.04]非常清楚 very well.
      [12:13.45]你上不上车? Are you coming along?
      [12:15.38]妈妈说不要上陌生人的车子 Mama said not to be taking rides from strangers .
      [12:18.95]这是校车 This is the bus to school.
      [12:23.96]我是福雷斯…福雷斯甘 I'm Forrest-- Forrest Gump.
      [12:26.83]我是多萝西哈里斯 I'm Dorothy Harris.
      [12:28.70]嗯,现在我们不是陌生人了 Well, now we ain't strangers anymore .
      [12:43.88]这位子有人了 This seat's taken.
      [12:48.16]有人了 It's taken.
      [12:57.93]你不准坐这儿 You can't sit here .
      [13:02.27]你知道,孩子记事实在奇怪 You know, it's funny what a young man recollects,
      [13:05.78]我不记得我的出生 'cause I don 't remember being born.
      [13:08.18]我不记得我的第一份圣诞礼物 I don't recall what I got for my first Christmas,
      [13:11.65]我也不记得 and I don't know
      [13:13.15]我第一次去野餐 when I went on my first outdoor picnic,
      [13:15.66]但我却记得 but I do remember
      [13:17.16]我第一次听到最甜的声音 the first time I heard the sweetest voice
      [13:21.23]在整个世界上 in the wide world.
      [13:23.20]你愿意的话可以坐这儿 You can sit here if you want.
      [13:28.47]我一生再没见过如此美丽的人 I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life.
      [13:32.41]她就象一位天使 She was like an angel.
      [13:35.08]你想坐还是不想坐? Well, are you going to sit down or aren't you?
      [13:42.92]你的腿怎么啦? What's wrong with your legs?
      [13:45.06]没什么,谢谢你 Um, nothing at all, thank you.
      [13:47.06]我的的腿好得很 My legs are just fine and dandy.
      [13:49.93]我和她在并排坐在校车里 I just sat next to her on that bus
      [13:52.94]去学校途中我们一直在说话 and had a conversation all the way to school.
      [13:55.94]当时我的背象个问号那么弯 My back's crooked like a question mark.
      [13:58.44]除了妈妈,没有人和我说话 Next to Mama, no one ever talked to me
      [14:01.15]或问我问题 or asked me questions.
      [14:03.62]你是不是有点傻? Are you stupid or something?
      [14:05.95]妈妈说,“做傻事的才是傻瓜” Mama says, "Stupid is as stupid does."
      [14:09.09]我叫珍妮 I'm Jenny .
      [14:12.16]我叫福雷斯…福雷斯甘 I'm Forrest-- Forrest Gump.
      [14:14.80]由那天开始,我们经常在一起 From that day on, we was always together.
      [14:17.30]珍妮和我形影不离 Jenny and me was like peas and carrots.
      [14:22.97]她教我怎么爬树 She taught me how to climb.
      [14:24.94]快,福雷斯,你能做到 Come on, Forrest, you can do it.
      [14:27.51]我教她怎么摇摆 I showed her how to dangle.
      [14:30.25]“一个好小…” "A good little..."
      [14:31.85]她帮我学怎么认字 She helped me learn how to read,
      [14:34.35]我教她怎么倒挂 and I showed her how to swing.
      [14:38.59]有时,我们就那么坐着 Sometimes, we'd just sitout
      [14:41.10]等星星出来 and wait for the stars.
      [14:43.47]妈妈会担心我的 Mama's going to worry about me.
      [14:46.00]再呆一会儿 Just stay a little longer.
      [14:48.97]不知为什么,珍妮从来不爱回家 For some reason, Jenny didn 't never want to go home.
      [14:53.14]好吧,珍妮,我再呆一会儿 O.K.,Jenny, I'll stay .
      [14:55.98]她是我最好的朋友 She was my most special friend.
      [15:02.49]我唯一的朋友 My only friend.
      [15:06.99]妈妈总是对我说 Now, my mama always told me
      [15:09.00]每天都会有奇迹 that miracles happen every day
      [15:11.00]有些人并不同意 Some people don't think so,
      [15:13.00]但这是真的 but they do.
      [15:16.77]嗨,傻瓜! Hey, dummy!
      [15:19.98]你是哑巴,还是真的是傻瓜? Are you dumb, or just plain stupid?
      [15:22.48]喂,我是福雷斯甘 Look, I'm Forrest Gimp.
      [15:24.32]快跑,福雷斯 Just run away, Forrest.
      [15:26.72]跑,福雷斯! Run, Forrest!
      [15:28.15]快跑!快! Run away! Hurry!
      [15:30.32]骑上自行车! Get the bikes!
      [15:31.96]我们去捉他!快点! Let's get him! Come on!
      [15:33.83]小心点,阿甘! Look out, Gump!
      [15:35.70]我们来捉你了! We're going to get you!
      [15:38.63]跑,福雷斯,跑! Run, Forrest, run!
      [15:40.84]跑,福雷斯! Run, Forrest!
      [15:44.27]你给我回来! Come back here, you!
      [16:00.06]跑,福雷斯! Run, Forrest!
      [16:02.46]跑! Run!
      [16:34.54]你现在大概不会相信我的话… Now, you wouldn't believe if I told you...
      [16:38.34]但我跑起来像风一样 but I could run like the wind blows.
      [16:43.41]从那天开始 From that day on,
      [16:45.98]如果我要去哪里 if I was going somewhere,
      [16:48.49]我就跑着去 I was running.
      [17:23.70]那孩子真是个能跑的傻瓜 That boy sure is a running fool.
      [17:29.99]记不记得我告诉过你 Now, remember how I told you
      [17:32.00]珍妮总是不爱回家? that Jenny never seemed to want to go home?
      [17:35.00]她家的房子和亚拉巴马州一样老 She lived in a house that was as old as Alabama.
      [17:38.44]她五岁时她妈妈就去天堂了 Her mama had gone to heaven when she was 5,
      [17:41.14]她的爸爸好象是个农夫 and her daddy was some kind of a farmer.
      [17:45.65]珍妮? Jenny?
      [17:46.95]他是个非常有爱心的人 He was a very loving man.
      [17:49.95]他经常亲吻抚摸她和她姐妹 He was always kissing and touching her and her sisters.
      [17:55.96]后来有一次 And then this one time,
      [17:57.96]珍妮没有来乘车去学校 Jenny wasn't on the bus to go to school.
      [18:00.97]珍妮,你今天怎么不来学校? Jenny, why didn't you come to school today?
      [18:03.47]嘘。爸爸正在午睡 Shh. Daddy's taking a nap.
      [18:05.97]珍妮! Jenny!
      [18:07.14]快点! Come on!
      [18:09.48]珍妮,你往哪儿跑? Jenny, where'd you run to?
      [18:12.48]你最好马上回来,丫头! You better get back here, girl!
      [18:17.32]你在哪儿? Where you at?
      [18:22.49]珍妮! Jenny!
      [18:24.00]珍妮,你在哪儿? Jenny, where you at?
      [18:28.67]珍妮! Jenny!
      [18:29.70]和我一起祈祷,福雷斯 Pray with me, Forrest.
      [18:31.70]和我一起祈祷 Pray with me.
      [18:33.21]珍妮! Jenny!
      [18:34.51]亲爱的上帝,把我变成一只会飞的鸟吧 Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far,
      [18:37.88]飞得越远越好 far, far away from here .
      [18:39.88]亲爱的上帝,把我变成一只会飞的鸟吧 Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far.
      [18:44.89]妈妈常说上帝是神秘的 Mama always said God is mysterious.
      [18:47.89]珍妮! Jenny!
      [18:49.29]那天他没有把珍妮变成一只鸟 He didn 't turn Jenny in to a bird that day.
      [18:52.30]而是… Instead,
      [18:54.13]他叫来了警察 he had the police say
      [18:56.13]说珍妮再也不必住在那间房子里了 Jenny didn't have to stay in that house no more.
      [18:59.64]后来她和她祖母住在一起 She was to live with her grandma,
      [19:02.14]就是克里克大街那里 just over on Creekmore Avenue,
      [19:04.14]我很高兴,因为她那里离我家很近 which made me happy, 'cause she was so close.
      [19:09.48]有时晚上 Some nights,
      [19:10.69]珍妮会溜出来 Jenny'd sneak out
      [19:12.69]跑到我的房子里 and come on over to my house,
      [19:15.19]因为她说她很害怕 just'cause she said she was scared.
      [19:17.69]害怕什么,我不知道 Scared of what, I don 't know.
      [19:20.76]我猜是怕她祖母的狗 But I think it was her grandma's dog.
      [19:23.50]他是只很凶的狗 He was a mean dog.
      [19:26.51]总之,珍妮和我是最好的朋友 Anyway, Jenny and me was best friends
      [19:29.74]一直到上中学 all the way up through high school.
      [19:32.25]嗨,傻瓜! Hey, stupid!
      [19:33.75]住手! Quit it!
      [19:35.78]跑,福雷斯,跑! Run, Forrest, run!
      [19:38.75]你没听见吗,傻瓜? didn't you hear me, stupid?
      [19:40.86]跑,福雷斯! Run, Forrest!
      [19:41.86]快上卡车! Get in the truck!
      [19:43.26]快!他要跑了!快追! Come on! He's getting away! Move it!
      [19:46.66]跑,福雷斯!跑! Run, Forrest! Run!
      [19:53.91]快追,快追! Move it! Move it!
      [19:56.18]你快跑吧! You better be runnin'!
      [20:11.56]哇! - 快! - Whoo-hoo! - Go!
      [20:16.83]跑,福雷斯! Run, Forrest!
      [20:21.47]一直以来 Now, it used to be
      [20:23.08]我到哪儿都跑着去 I ran to get where I was going.
      [20:26.08]我没想过后来会跑遍所有地方 I never thought it would take me anywhere .
      [20:58.05]那究竟是什么人? Who in the hell is that?
      [21:00.19]那人叫福雷斯甘,教练 That there is Forrest Gump, Coach.
      [21:03.06]当地的傻瓜 Just a local idiot.
      [21:05.13]你能相信吗? And can you believe it?
      [21:07.56]我也能上大学了 I got to go to college, too.
      [21:16.07]福雷斯,快! Forrest, move it!
      [21:17.58]跑! Run!
      [21:18.58]好! O.K. !
      [21:19.58]跑! Run!
      [21:20.75]跑,你这狗娘养的傻瓜!跑! Run, you stupid son of a bitch! Run!
      [21:36.43]跑,狗娘养的,跑!快跑! Run, son of a bitch, run! Go! Run!
      [21:41.54]跑!跑! Run! Run! Go!
      [21:55.62]他大概是狗娘养的最傻的傻瓜 He must be the stupidest son of a bitch alive ,
      [21:59.13]但他跑得真是快 but he sure is fast.
      [22:04.07]也许只是我这样觉得 Now, maybe it's just me,
      [22:06.00]但大学生活让我非常迷惑 but college was very confusing times.
      [22:10.41]联邦军队,执行法庭的判决 Federal troops, enforcing a court order,
      [22:12.81]今天在亚拉巴马大学取缔种族隔离 integrated the University of Alabama today.
      [22:15.15]允许两名黑人进学校 Two Negroes were admitted,
      [22:16.75]但乔治华莱士州长随后 but only after Governor George Wallace
      [22:18.75]发出他的象征性威胁 had carried out his symbolic threat
      [22:20.75]站在教学楼门口 to stand in the school house door.
      [22:23.26]我对于那个声明… I take it from that statement...
      [22:26.09]伊尔,出什么事了? Earl, what's going on?
      [22:28.10]“熊崽”想进这学校 Coons are trying to get into school.
      [22:30.60]熊崽?如果浣熊想进我家的后院 Coons? When raccoons tried getting on our back porch,
      [22:33.60]妈妈会用扫帚赶它们走 Mama just chased them off with a broom.
      [22:36.11]我不是说浣熊,傻瓜。是黑鬼 Not raccoons, you idiot. Niggers.
      [22:38.04]他们想和我们一起上学校 And they want to go to school with us.
      [22:41.05]和我们一起?他们? With us? They do?
      [22:43.05]在华莱士州长 Shortly after Govern or Wallace
      [22:45.05]将阻塞校门的威胁付诸实施之后 had carried out his promise to block the door way,
      [22:48.06]肯尼迪下令国防部使用武力 Kennedy ordered these cretary of defense to use military force.
      [22:51.19]本台播放的录像,是当时在现场 Here, by video tape, is the encounter
      [22:53.59]国民警卫队指挥官格拉汉将军 by General Graham, commander of the National Guard,
      [22:56.10]和华莱士州长的冲突 and Governor Wallace.
      [22:57.73]因为国民警卫队 Because these National Guardsmen
      [23:00.57]今天是作为亚拉巴马州的联邦士兵 are here today as federal soldiers for Alabama,
      [23:04.08]他们住在本州境内 and they live within our borders.
      [23:06.08]他们是我们的兄弟 They are our brothers.
      [23:08.08]我们已经获得胜利 We are winning in this fight,
      [23:10.75]因为我们唤醒了美国人民 because we are awakening the American people
      [23:13.75]去面对我们谈论已久的危机 to the dangers that we have spoken about so many times
      [23:17.76]今天的事清楚地显示… that is so evident today--
      [23:19.76]我们的国家正在走向军事独裁 A trend toward military dictatorship in this country.
      [23:26.60]就这样,当天傍晚 And so, at day's end,
      [23:28.60]在图卡卢沙的亚拉巴马大学的隔离被取缔 the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa had been desegregated,
      [23:32.14]学生杰米胡和费文马隆 and students Jimmy Hood and Vivian Malone
      [23:34.75]已登记参加夏季的课程学习 had been signed up for summer classes.
      [23:40.45]太太,你的书掉了 Ma'am, you dropped your book.
      [23:42.26]太太 Ma'am.
      [23:43.92]华莱士州长说到做到 Govern or Wallace did what he promised.
      [23:46.43]在图卡卢沙的校园里,他让人们… By being on the Tuscaloosa campus, he kept the mob...
      [23:50.10]喂,那是阿甘吧? Say, wasn't that Gump?
      [23:51.63]不,不会的 Naw, that couldn't be.
      [23:53.74]绝对是他 It sure as hell was.
      [24:00.08]几年之后 A few years later,
      [24:02.11]教学楼门口那位坏脾气的小个子 that angry little man at the school house door
      [24:04.62]觉得去竞选总统是个好主意 thought it'd be a good idea and ran for president.
      [24:10.59]但有人觉得不是 But somebody thought that it wasn't.
      [24:13.83]但他没有死 But he didn't die.
      [24:21.60]我的车到了 My bus is here .
      [24:23.61]这是9路车吗? Is it the number 9?
      [24:25.61]不,这是4路车 No, it's the number 4.
      [24:27.61]很高兴和你聊天 It was nice talking to you.
      [24:33.29]我还记得那时候 I remember when that happened,
      [24:35.12]当华莱士遇刺时 when Wallace got shot.
      [24:36.62]我还在上大学 I was in college.
      [24:38.06]你上的是女子大学 Did you go to a girls' college
      [24:40.56]还是男女都有的大学? or a girls' and boys' together college?
      [24:43.00]男女都有 It was coed.
      [24:44.27]珍妮上的大学我不能去上 'Cause Jenny went to a college I couldn't go to.
      [24:47.07]那是所女孩子读的大学 It was a college just for girls.
      [24:49.24]但我一有机会就去看她 But I'd go and visit her every chance I got.
      [24:58.17]“我不知道我为何爱你” #I don't know why I love you#
      [25:01.54]“可我就是爱” # But I do #
      [25:06.88]“我不知道我为何哭泣” #I don't know why I cry so #
      [25:10.95]“可我就是哭” # But I do #
      [25:16.65]“我只知道我知道…” #I only know I know that... #
      [25:23.03]很痛 That hurts.
      [25:24.53]“可我不知道我为何爱你” # But I don't know why I love you#
      [25:29.57]“可我就是爱” # But I do #
      [25:35.58]福雷斯! Forrest!
      [25:37.18]福雷斯! Forrest!
      [25:39.52]福雷斯,住手! Forrest, stop it!
      [25:41.52]住手! Stop it!
      [25:43.02]你干什么? What are you doing?
      [25:44.52]他在伤害你 He was hurting you.
      [25:46.02]不,他没有! No, he wasn't!
      [25:47.53]往那边走! Get over there !
      [25:49.53]比利,对不起 Billy, I'm sorry.
      [25:51.03]请离我远一点 Just keep away from me.
      [25:52.53]不要这样…不要走 Don't be such-- Don't go.
      [25:54.53]比利,等一下 Billy, wait a second.
      [25:56.54]他不懂事 He doesn't know any better.
      [26:00.54]福雷斯,你为什么那样做? Forrest, why'd you do that?
      [26:06.05]我给你带了巧克力来 I brought you some chocolate.
      [26:09.55]对不起 I'm sorry.
      [26:13.56]现在我要回我的学校了 I'll go back to my college now .
      [26:16.06]福雷斯… Forrest--
      [26:20.57]瞧你 Look at you.
      [26:24.07]来吧 Come on.
      [26:25.57]来吧 Come on.
      [26:33.85]这是你自己的房间吗? Is this your own room?
      [26:35.35]嘘! Shh!
      [26:39.96]你有过梦想吗,福雷斯… Do you ever dream, Forrest...
      [26:43.70]梦想你将来要成为什么人? about who you're going to be?
      [26:46.87]我将来要成为什么人? Who I'm going to be?
      [26:48.38]对 Yeah.
      [26:49.38]我将来不能做我自己了吗? Aren't I going to be me?
      [26:51.38]你永远都会是你 You'll always be you,
      [26:52.71]但会是另一种人 just another kind of you.
      [26:54.72]你明白吗? You know?
      [26:56.89]我想成名 I want to be famous.
      [27:00.06]我想当个琼贝兹那样的歌手 I want to be a singer like Joan Baez.
      [27:03.73]我只想… I just want to be...
      [27:05.73]站在空旷的舞台上 on an empty stage
      [27:07.23]伴着我的吉它,我的歌声 with my guitar, my voice.
      [27:11.40]只有我自己 Just me.
      [27:14.24]我想自己去接触大众 And I want to reach people on a personal level.
      [27:20.08]我想能够谈一些事 I want to be able to say things,
      [27:22.58]只是两个人之间 just one to one.
      [27:30.93]你有和女孩子一起过吗,福雷斯? Have you ever been with a girl, Forrest?
      [27:35.37]我和她们坐一起 I sit next to them
      [27:36.87]在家政课的课堂上 in my home economics class all the time.
      [28:08.31]啊,对不起 Oh, I'm sorry.
      [28:09.64]没关系 It's O.K.
      [28:10.74]对不起 Sorry.
      [28:18.92]没关系 It's all right.
      [28:23.66]没关系 It's O.K.
      [28:25.16]啊,我头晕 Oh, I'm dizzy .
      [28:34.51]我想你在家政课上没做过这个吧 I'll bet that never happened in home ec.
      [28:42.12]没有 No.
      [28:49.29]我想我弄脏了你室友的浴袍 I think I ruined your roommate's bathrobe.
      [28:52.76]我无所谓,反正我不喜欢她 I don't care . I don't like her anyway .
      [28:55.26]跑!跑!跑!跑! Run! Run! Run! Run!
      [28:57.93]跑!跑!跑!跑! Run! Run! Run! Run!
      [29:00.10]跑!跑!跑!跑! Run! Run! Run! Run!
      [29:01.60]跑!跑!跑!跑!跑!跑! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run!
      [29:03.64]停!停!停! Stop! Stop! Stop!
      [29:10.78]大学生活过得真快 College ran by real fast
      [29:12.79]因为我美式足球打得太多 'cause I played so much football.
      [29:16.04]他们还把我弄进一个什么东西 They even put me on a thing
      [29:17.24]叫做全美明星队 called the all-America team
      [29:18.74]那样你可以去见 where you get to meet
      [29:20.57]合众国的总统 the president of the United States.
      [29:22.58]肯尼迪总统接见了 President Kennedy met
      [29:23.91]全美大学足球队 with the collegiate all-American football team
      [29:26.15]在椭圆形办公室 at the Oval Office today .
      [29:27.66]那里最棒的一点 Now the really good thing
      [29:29.43]见合众国的总统的时候 about meeting the president of the United States
      [29:32.44]是食物 is the food.
      [29:33.94]他们让你呆在一个小房间里 They put you in this little room
      [29:36.27]里面有你爱吃或喝任何东西 with just about anything you'd want to eat or drink.
      [29:39.95]但是,因为第一: But since, number one,
      [29:41.61]我不饿但是口渴 I wasn 't hungry but thirsty,
      [29:43.28]第二,这全是免费的 and number two, they was free,
      [29:45.95]我大概喝了15瓶汽水 I must have drank me about 15 Dr. Peppers.
      [29:52.26]入选全美明星队感觉如何? How does it feel to be an all-American?
      [29:54.93]很荣幸,先生 It's an honor, sir.
      [29:56.27]入选全美明星队感觉如何? How does it feel to be an all-American?
      [29:58.94]很好,先生 Very good, sir.
      [30:00.97]入选全美明星队感觉如何? How does it feel to be an all-American ?
      [30:03.64]很好,先生 Very good, sir.
      [30:05.14]祝贺你。你感觉如何? Congratulations. How do you feel?
      [30:07.15]我想撒尿 I got to pee.
      [30:09.65]我听着他好象说他想撒尿 I believe he said he had to pee.
      [30:26.77]不久之后,不知什么原因 Some time later, for noparticular reason,
      [30:29.61]有人枪杀了这位不错的年轻总统 somebody shot that nice young president
      [30:32.98]当时他坐着他的车 when he was riding in his car.
      [30:35.45]又过了几年 And a few years after that,
      [30:37.38]有人又枪杀了他的弟弟 somebody shot his little brother, too,
      [30:39.89]这次他是在一个酒店的厨房里 only he was in a hotel kitchen.
      [30:43.46]做兄弟可真不容易啊 Must be hard being brothers.
      [30:47.13]我不明白 I wouldn't know .
      [30:48.66]福雷斯甘 Forrest Gump.
      [30:50.00]你相信不相信? Now can you believe it?
      [30:51.50]只不过玩了五年足球 After only five years of playing football,
      [30:54.00]我得到了大学学位 I got a college degree.
      [30:55.67]祝贺你,孩子 Congratulations, son.
      [30:58.34]妈妈骄傲极了 Mama was so proud.

      [31:01.71]福雷斯,我为你骄傲 Forrest, I'm so proud of you.
      [31:04.05]我替你拿着这个 I'll hold this for you.
      [31:05.72]祝贺你,孩子 Congratulations, son.
      [31:07.89]你有没有考虑过你的未来? Have you given any thought to your future ?
      [31:12.56]考虑? Thought?
      [31:15.26]你好。我是福雷斯,福雷斯甘 Hello. I'm Forrest. Forrest Gump.
      [31:17.27]根本没人会关心 Nobody gives a horse's shit
      [31:18.94]你叫什么名字,脓包! who you are, pus ball!
      [31:20.60]你还不如低等生物,吃屎的蛆! You're not even a lowlife , scum-sucking maggot!
      [31:23.44]你赶快坐到座位上! Get your maggoty ass on the bus!
      [31:25.78]你现在到部队了! You're in the army now !
      [31:27.28]有人坐了 Seat's taken.
      [31:31.28]有人 Taken.
      [31:35.46]开始我觉得我犯了个错误 At first it seemed like I made a mistake.
      [31:38.43]入伍第一天 It was only my induction day,
      [31:40.43]我就给骂得狗血喷头 and I was getting yelled at.
      [31:46.07]你愿意的话可以坐下 Sit down if you want to.
      [31:48.74]我不知我会遇到谁 I didn't know who I might meet
      [31:51.08]或他们会问我什么 or what they might ask.
      [31:52.58]你有没有乘过真正的捕虾船? You ever been on a real shrimp boat?
      [31:55.41]没有 No.
      [31:57.25]可我乘过一条真正的大捕虾船 But I been on a real big boat.
      [32:00.09]我指的是一种专门捕虾的船 I'm talking about a shrimp catching boat.
      [32:03.09]我一直都在捕虾船上干活 I been working on shrimp boats all my life .
      [32:06.09]开始是我叔叔的船 I started out on my uncle's boat
      [32:08.43]那时我大概9岁 when I was about maybe 9.
      [32:10.43]我刚在考虑自己去买一条船 I was just looking into buying my own boat
      [32:13.44]然后就应征入伍了 and got drafted.
      [32:15.44]我的名字叫本杰明巴弗布鲁 My given name is Benjamin Buford Blue.
      [32:18.78]人们都管我叫布巴 People call me Bubba,
      [32:21.11]好象个乡下佬的名字 just like one of them old red neck boys.
      [32:23.61]很难以置信吧? Can you believe that?
      [32:24.95]我叫福雷斯甘 My name's Forrest Gump.
      [32:27.12]人们都管我叫福雷斯甘 People call me Forrest Gump.
      [32:29.46]布巴来自亚拉巴州拉巴特湾 So Bubba was from Bayou La Batre, Alabama,
      [32:32.46]他的妈妈是煮虾的 and his mama cooked shrimp.
      [32:36.16]她的妈妈也是煮虾的 And her mama before her cooked shrimp,
      [32:38.60]还有她妈妈的妈妈也是煮虾的 and her mama before her mama cooked shrimp, too.
      [32:42.27]布巴家的人了解所有 Bubba's family knew everything
      [32:44.11]跟捕虾有关的事情 there was to know about the shrimping business.
      [32:46.61]我知道所有 I know everything there is to know
      [32:48.95]跟捕虾有关的事情 about the shrimping business.
      [32:50.28]我自己也准备去捕虾 I'm going into the shrimping business for myself
      [32:52.78]等我退伍之后 after I get out of the army.
      [32:57.96]好的 O.K.
      [32:59.03]阿甘! Gump!
      [33:00.36]你到部队来干什么? What's your sole purpose in this army?
      [33:03.03]干你叫我干的事,教官! To do whatever you tell me, Drill Sergeant!
      [33:05.53]他妈的,阿甘,你他妈的真是个天才 God damn it, Gump, you're a goddamn genius.
      [33:09.20]这是我听过的最了不起的回答 That's the most outstanding answer I've ever heard .
      [33:11.71]你他妈的智商一定有一百六 You must have a goddamn I.Q Of 160.
      [33:14.38]你他妈的真有天赋,列兵阿甘 You are goddamn gifted, Private Gump.
      [33:18.22]大家都听着! Listen up, people!
      [33:20.55]不知什么原因,我很适合当兵 Now for some reason, I fit in the army
      [33:23.56]就象一对插销那么适合 Like one of them round pegs.
      [33:25.56]真实一点都不苦 It's not really hard.
      [33:26.89]你只需把你的床铺好 You just make your bed neat,
      [33:28.90]记着要站得笔直 remember to stand up straight,
      [33:30.40]不管回答什么问题 and always answer every question
      [33:32.07]都说“是,教官” with "Yes, Drill Sergeant. "
      [33:34.07]听清楚没有? Is that clear?
      [33:35.57]是,教官! Yes, Drill Sergeant!
      [33:37.91]你只需要沿着海底拖你的网 What you do is drag your nets along the bottom.
      [33:41.41]在一个好天气 On a good day,
      [33:42.75]你一次就能捕到上百磅的虾 you can catch over a hundred pounds of shrimp.
      [33:45.75]如果一切顺利 Everything goes all right,
      [33:47.08]两个人捕10个小时的虾 2 men shrimping 10 hours ,
      [33:48.92]减去你用掉的油费 Less what you spends on gas--
      [33:51.09]完成了,教官! Done, Drill Sergeant!
      [33:53.26]阿甘! Gump!
      [33:56.26]为什么你这么快就把枪装好了? Why did you put that weapon together so quickly?
      [33:59.27]你叫我这么做的,教官 You told me to, Drill Sergeant.
      [34:01.27]耶稣基督啊 Jesus H. Christ.
      [34:02.94]这是新的连队纪录 This is a new company record .
      [34:04.94]如果不是因为 If it wasn't a waste
      [34:06.44]我们这儿兵源不足 of a fine enlisted man,
      [34:07.94]我会推荐你上军官预备学校,列兵阿甘 I'd recommend you for O.C.S., Private Gump.
      [34:10.45]有朝一日你会当上将军! You're going to be a general someday!
      [34:12.78]现在把你的枪拆开重装一遍! Now disassemble your weapon and continue!
      [34:16.79]总之,就象我说过的 Anyway, like I was saying,
      [34:18.79]虾是海里最好的东西 shrimp is the fruit of the sea.
      [34:21.13]你可以烧它、煮它、烤它 You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it,
      [34:24.46]烘它、炒它 bake it, saute it.
      [34:25.97]把它做成串烧虾、克洛虾 They's, uh, shrimp kabobs, shrimp creole,
      [34:29.14]鲜虾羹、铁板虾、油炸虾 shrimp gumbo, pan fried, deep fried,
      [34:33.14]脆皮虾 stir fried.
      [34:34.48]还有菠萝虾 There's pineapple shrimp
      [34:36.31]柠檬虾、椰子虾 and lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp,
      [34:39.25]胡椒虾 pepper shrimp,
      [34:40.45]鲜虾汤、油焖虾 shrimp soup, shrimp stew ,
      [34:42.95]虾肉色拉 shrimp salad,
      [34:44.62]土豆虾 shrimp in potatoes,
      [34:46.46]虾肉汉堡包 shrimp burger,
      [34:47.96]虾肉三明治 shrimp sandwich.
      [34:51.97]还有…差不多就这些了 That--That's about it.
      [34:58.31]军队里晚上有点寂寞 Night time in the army is alonely time.
      [35:01.54]我们躺在床铺上 We'd lay there in our bunks,
      [35:04.05]我会想念我的妈妈 and I'd miss my mama,
      [35:06.55]我也会想念珍妮 and I'd miss Jenny.
      [35:12.56]嘿,阿甘 Hey, Gump.
      [35:14.56]瞧她那对奶子 Get a load of the tits on her.
      [35:29.91]看起来… Turns out...
      [35:31.41]珍妮惹上麻烦了 Jenny had gotten in to some trouble
      [35:33.58]为了几张她穿着校服的照片 over some photos of her in her college sweater.
      [35:36.92]她被开除学籍 And she was thrown out of school.
      [35:39.19]“我的宝贝在参加女权运动” # My baby does the hanky panky #
      [35:42.43]但那也不算坏事 But that wasn't a bad thing,
      [35:44.93]因为有一位剧院老板 'cause a man who owns a theater
      [35:47.43]他在田纳西州孟斐斯市 in Memphis, Tennessee,
      [35:48.94]看了那些照片 saw those photos
      [35:50.60]就给珍妮一个唱歌的工作 and offered Jenny a job singing in a show.
      [35:54.44]我一找到机会 The first chance I got,
      [35:56.61]我就乘车去孟斐斯 I took the bus up to Memphis
      [35:58.95]去看她表演节目 to see her perform in that show.
      [36:01.28]那位是安珀,安珀弗兰 That was Amber, Amber Flame.
      [36:02.79]请再为她鼓一回掌 Give her a big hand.
      [36:04.29]接下来的节目你们一定会喜欢 And now, for your listening and viewing pleasure ,
      [36:07.29]来自加州好莱坞 direct from Hollywood, California,
      [36:09.13]我们的叛逆美女 our very own beatnik beauty .
      [36:10.96]让我们用最热烈的掌声 Let's give a big round of applause
      [36:13.30]欢迎这位美丽的女鲍勃迪伦 to the luscious Bobbie Dylan.
      [36:24.31]“一个人要走多少路” # How many roads must a man walk down #
      [36:30.15]“才能被称为男子汉?” # Before you can call him a man? #
      [36:35.59]“一条船要出几回海…” # Yes, and how many seas must the white dove sail #
      [36:41.87]她的梦想真的实现了 Her dream had come true.
      [36:43.87]“才能在沙滩上安睡?” # Before she sleeps in the sand? #
      [36:45.87]她成了一位民谣歌手 She was a folk singer.
      [36:47.78]“而到底需要多少次…” # Yes, and how many times #
      [36:50.95]“炮火的轰鸣” # Must the cannon balls fly #
      [36:54.08]“才能结束战争?” # Before they're forever banned? #
      [36:58.76]快来点刺激的 Shake it up now.
      [37:00.16]还是给她一把口琴吧 Somebody get her a harmonica.
      [37:01.66]“那答案,我的朋友…” # The answer, my friend #
      [37:03.46]“…在风中飘。” # Is blowin' in the wind #
      [37:05.30]这可不是儿童节目袋鼠船长 This ain't Captain Kangaroo.
      [37:06.80]嘿,甜心,我这里有东西要给你 Hey, honey, I got something here for you.
      [37:09.64]嘿!去你的! Hey! God damn it!
      [37:11.77]嘿,你这傻瓜蛋! Hey, you stupid jerk!
      [37:14.11]我在唱歌 I'm singing a song here.
      [37:18.95]波丽,快走! Polly, get out here!
      [37:20.45]你闭嘴! Shut up yourself!
      [37:22.95]闭嘴! Just shut up!
      [37:26.99]福雷斯,你来干什么? Forrest! What are you doing here?
      [37:29.99]你干什么? What are you doing?
      [37:32.40]你干什么,福雷斯? What are you doing, Forrest?
      [37:34.23]放下我! Let me down!
      [37:40.43]你不能老是这样做,福雷斯 You can't keep doing this, Forrest.
      [37:42.94]你别老是想着要救我 You can't keep trying to rescue me.
      [37:45.44]他们刚才想抓你 They was trying to grab you.
      [37:47.31]很多人都想抓我 A lot of people try to grab me.
      [37:49.71]可是你不能老是这样做 Just--You can't keep doing this all the time.
      [37:53.78]我忍不住。我爱你 I can't help it. I love you.
      [37:57.39]福雷斯… Forrest--
      [37:59.72]你不知道什么是爱 You don't know what love is.
      [38:08.43]你还记得我们的祈祷吗,福雷斯? You remember that time we prayed, Forrest?
      [38:12.77]我们祈祷上帝把我变成一只鸟 We prayed for God to turn me into a bird
      [38:16.28]让我能飞得远远的 so I could fly far away .
      [38:19.45]是的,我记得 Yes, I do.
      [38:24.02]你认为我能飞下这座桥吗? You think I could fly off this bridge?
      [38:33.70]你说什么,珍妮? What do you mean, Jenny?
      [38:39.91]没什么 Nothing.
      [38:44.24]我要离开这里了 I got to get out of here .
      [38:48.75]等等,珍妮 Wait, Jenny.
      [38:49.92]福雷斯,你离开我,好吗? Forrest, you stay away from me, O.K.?
      [38:52.42]请你离开我 You stay away from me, please.
      [38:54.42]我能搭车吗? Can I have a ride?
      [38:55.93]你去哪里? Where are you going?
      [38:57.26]我无所谓 I don't care .
      [38:58.43]上车吧 Get in the truck.
      [38:59.73]那么再见,珍妮 So bye-bye, Jenny.
      [39:03.34]他们要送我去越南 They sending me to Vietnam.
      [39:07.91]那是另外一个国家 It's this whole other country.
      [39:13.31]请再等一会儿 Just hang on a minute.
      [39:16.65]听着,你要答应我一件事,好吗? Listen, you promise me something, O.K.?
      [39:19.66]如果你遇到了麻烦 Just if you're ever in trouble,
      [39:21.66]不要逞能 don't be brave .
      [39:22.99]你只要跑,好吗?跑得远远的 You just run, O.K.? Just run away .
      [39:26.00]好吧 O.K.
      [39:32.10]珍妮 Jenny.
      [39:35.44]我会经常写信给你 I'll write you all the time.
      [39:47.12]就是这样,她走了 And just like that, she was gone.
      [39:48.93]就是这样,她走了 And just like that, she was gone.

      40:05.95]你要平平安安地回来 You come back safe to me.
      [40:08.45]你听明白了吗? Do you hear?
      [40:29.47]“有的人生下来” # Some folks are born #
      [40:31.14]“是为挥舞旗帜” # Made to wave the flag #
      [40:33.48]“红色白色蓝色” # Ooh, they're red, white, and blue #
      [40:36.82]“乐队奏起赞歌” # And when the band plays "Hail To The Chief" #
      [40:40.42]“他们放着礼炮” # Ooh, they'll point the cannon at you #
      [40:44.09]“那不会是我” # It ain't me #
      [40:45.92]“那不会是我” # It ain't me #
      [40:47.93]“我不是高官子弟” # I ain't no senator's son #
      [40:51.10]“那不会是我” # It ain't me #
      [40:52.93]他们告诉我们 Now they told us
      [40:54.43]越南完全不一样 that Vietnam was going to be very different
      [40:57.44]和美利坚合众国相比 from the United States of America.
      [40:59.54]除了啤酒罐和烧烤以外 Except for all the beer cans and barbecues,
      [41:03.71]的确如此 it was.
      [41:15.22]嘿,我敢打赌这水里全都是虾 Hey, I'll bet there's shrimp all in these waters .
      [41:18.39]他们告诉我越南的虾最好 They tell me these Vietnams is good shrimp.
      [41:21.39]等我们赢了这场战争 After we win this war
      [41:23.40]我们就接管所有东西 and we take over everything,
      [41:25.10]我们可以把美国捕虾船开过来 we can get American shrimpers out here
      [41:27.43]在这水里捕虾 and shrimp these waters .
      [41:28.77]一天到晚捕虾,兄弟 Just shrimp all the time, man.
      [41:33.44]你们是新兵吧 You must be my FNGs.
      [41:35.77]早上好,长官 Morning, sir.
      [41:36.94]啊,把你们的手放下 Oh, get your hands down.
      [41:38.54]不要向我敬礼 Do not salute me.
      [41:40.05]这一带有他妈的很多狙击手 There are goddamn snipers all around this area
      [41:42.55]最喜欢打军官 who'd love to grease an officer.
      [41:44.72]我是丹泰勒中尉,欢迎来弗特排 I'm Lieutenant Dan Taylor. Welcome to Fort Platoon.
      [41:49.22]你的嘴唇怎么啦? What's wrong with your lip?
      [41:51.89]我天生就是厚嘴唇,长官 I was born with big gums, sir.
      [41:54.23]嗯,你最好把它吸进去点 Well, you better tuck that in.
      [41:56.39]不然会碰到地雷线 Gonna get that caught on a trip wire.
      [42:00.07]你们几个是哪里人? Where are you boys from in the world?
      [42:02.57]亚拉巴马,长官! - 亚拉巴马,长官! - Alabama, sir! - Alabama, sir!
      [42:04.90]你们是双胞胎? You twins?
      [42:08.11]不,我们不是亲戚,长官 No. We are not relations, sir.
      [42:12.78]听着 Look,
      [42:14.11]这里的基本规矩 it's pretty basic here .
      [42:16.51]你们跟紧我 You stick with me
      [42:17.85]一边向其他人学习 and learn from the guys
      [42:19.35]他们来这国家有段时间了 who've been in country a while,
      [42:21.35]你们会习惯的 you'll be all right.
      [42:22.69]士兵有一样装备很重要 There is one item of G.I. gear
      [42:25.02]它关系到你的生死… that can be the difference between life and death--
      [42:28.19]袜子 Socks.
      [42:29.33]底部有衬垫,军绿色 Cushioned sole, O.D. green.
      [42:31.43]你要保持双脚干燥 Try and keep your feet dry.
      [42:33.33]我们爬山的时候,要换袜子 When we're out humpin', change your socks
      [42:35.83]否则停下来的时候 whenever we stop.
      [42:37.10]湄公河会把你的脚泡烂 The Mekong will eat a grunt's feet
      [42:39.44]整个脚会掉下来 right off his legs.
      [42:40.94]西斯中士,见鬼 Sergeant Sims. God damn it,
      [42:42.44]我叫你去领的绳子呢? where's that sling rope I said to order?
      [42:44.94]我写到申请单上了 I put in the requisitions.
      [42:46.44]嗯,你叫那帮狗娘养的… Well, you call those sons of bitches--
      [42:48.78]丹中尉很了解他的下属 Lieutenant Dan sure knew his stuff.
      [42:50.95]能做他的下属我觉得很幸运 I felt real lucky he was my lieutenant.
      [42:53.95]他来自一个军人世家 He was from a long, great military tradition.
      [42:57.69]他家族的人曾经分别参加… Somebody in his family had fought
      [43:00.29]并牺牲… and died
      [43:01.83]在… in every...
      [43:03.50]每一场… single...
      [43:04.70]美国的战争里 American war.
      [43:06.87]见鬼,抓紧时间 God damn it, kick some ass.
      [43:08.87]快去做! Get on it!
      [43:10.20]我想你可以说 I guess you could say
      [43:11.70]他很有荣誉感 he had a lot to live up to.
      [43:15.21]那么你们几个是堪萨斯人,是吗? So, you boys from Arkansas, huh?
      [43:17.21]嗯 Well,
      [43:18.38]我去过那里 I been through there.
      [43:20.21]小石城是个好地方 Little Rock's a fine town.
      [43:23.05]现在放下装备 Now, shake down your gear.
      [43:24.88]去找排军需官 See the platoon sergeant.
      [43:26.22]领你要用的东西 Draw what you need for the field.
      [43:29.05]如果你们几个饿了 If you boys are hungry,
      [43:30.56]我们这儿正好在烧牛排 we got steaks burning right over here .
      [43:33.39]我们排有两条守则… Two standing orders in this platoon--
      [43:36.23]一:保护好你的脚 1-- take care of your feet,
      [43:38.83]二:别做任何傻事 2-- try not to do anything stupid,
      [43:42.50]比如让你自己被打死 Like getting yourself killed.
      [43:50.34]我希望我不会令他失望 I sure hope I don't let him down.
      [44:04.06]我到了这个国家的很多地方 I got to see a lot of the country side.
      [44:07.06]我们走了很长的路 We would take these real long walks.
      [44:11.53]“总会有条路” # There must be some kind of way #
      [44:13.53]“从这里出发” # Out of here #
      [44:15.70]“小丑告诉贼” # Said the joker to the thief #
      [44:17.87]我们总是在找 And we were always lookin'
      [44:19.37]一个叫“越共”的家伙 for this guy named Charlie.
      [44:21.37]“一切都令人迷惑” # There's too much confusion #
      [44:24.38]“我什么都不相信” # I can't get no relief #
      [44:29.71]停下! Hold it up!
      [44:30.88]停下,兄弟们! Hold up, boys!
      [44:33.89]也不总是很有趣 It wasn't always fun.
      [44:36.99]丹中尉总是有些奇怪的感觉 Lieutenant Dan was always getting these funny feelings
      [44:40.33]对于路上的风吹草动 about a rock or a trail or the road,
      [44:43.50]他会叫我们蹲下,安静 so he'd tell us to get down, shut up.
      [44:46.50]蹲下! Get down!
      [44:47.67]安静! Shut up!
      [44:49.83]我们都照做 So we did.
      [45:07.62]我对什么都不太明白 Now I don't know much about anything,
      [45:10.96]但我想美国最好的年青人 but I think some of America's best young men
      [45:13.96]都参加了这场战争 served in this war.
      [45:15.29]那是非尼克斯来的达拉斯 There was Dallas from Phoenix.
      [45:18.96]克利夫兰…他来自底特律 Cleveland-- he was from Detroit.
      [45:21.80]嘿,泰克斯 Hey, Tex.
      [45:23.10]嘿,泰克斯 Hey, Tex.
      [45:24.67]究竟出什么事了? What the hell's going on?
      [45:26.34]泰克斯是… And Tex was--
      [45:28.61]嗯,我不记得泰克斯是哪里人了 Well, I don't remember where Tex come from--
      [45:31.28]啊,没事了 Ah, nothing.
      [45:36.71]第四排,站起来 Fourth platoon, on your feet.
      [45:38.82]你们10分钟内赶到河边 Y'all got 10 clicks to go to that river.
      [45:41.79]出发 Move out.
      [45:43.45]一二一! 1, 2! Hup!
      [45:47.29]齐步走! Step it up!
      [45:48.79]那边好象不错 Look alive out there .
      [45:50.20]在越南最好的一点 The good thing about Vietnam
      [45:51.70]就是总有地方可去 is there was always someplace to go.
      [45:54.03]小心手雷! Fire in the hole!
      [45:58.87]阿甘,搜一下那个洞 Gump, check out that hole.
      [46:01.54]也总有事情可做 And there was always something to do.
      [46:04.54]准备好! Mount'em up!
      [46:05.71]散开!掩护他! Spread out! Cover his back!
      [46:12.58]有一天开始下雨了 One day it started raining,
      [46:15.25]然后一直不停的下了四个月 and it didn't quit for four months.
      [46:18.66]我们经历了各种各样的雨… We've been through every kind of rain there is--
      [46:22.16]象小针样的雨 little bitty stinging rain
      [46:25.31]还有倾盆大雨 and big old fat rain,
      [46:28.58]从侧面下的雨 rain that flew in side ways,
      [46:31.14]有时甚至还有 and sometimes rain even seemed
      [46:32.88]从下往上的雨 to come straight up from underneath.
      [46:36.28]连晚上也下雨 Shoot, it even rained at night.
      [46:39.89]嘿,福雷斯 Hey, Forrest.
      [46:41.72]嘿,布巴 Hey, Bubba.
      [46:42.89]我的背靠着你的背 I'm going to lean up against you.
      [46:45.23]你的背靠着你的背 You lean up against me.
      [46:46.73]这样我们睡着的时候 This way we don't have to sleep
      [46:49.07]头就不会钻进泥里 with our heads in the mud.
      [46:51.07]你知道为何我们是好伙伴,福雷斯? You know why we're a good partnership, Forrest?
      [46:53.74]因为我们互相照顾 'Cause we be watching out for one another,
      [46:57.08]就象兄弟一样 like brothers and stuff.
      [47:00.75]嘿,福雷斯 Hey, Forrest,
      [47:02.42]我在考虑一件事 something I been thinking about.
      [47:04.59]我有个很重要的问题要问你 I got a very important question to ask you.
      [47:09.26]你想不想 How would you like to go
      [47:11.27]和我一起去捕虾? into the shrimping business with me?
      [47:14.77]好的 O.K.
      [47:16.11]兄弟,你听我说 Man, I tell you what.
      [47:17.95]我全计划好了 I got it all figured out, too.
      [47:20.28]我们捕到的虾多少磅 So many pounds of shrimp
      [47:21.78]拿来付买船的贷款 will pay off the boat.
      [47:23.29]多少磅拿来付油费 So many pounds for gas.
      [47:24.79]我们住在船上就行 We'll live right on the boat.
      [47:26.79]这样就不用付房租 We ain't got to pay no rent.
      [47:29.13]我们合伙来干 We can just work it together,
      [47:31.13]全部都对半分 split everything right down the middle.
      [47:33.13]兄弟,告诉你,五五分成 Man, I'm telling you, 50-50.
      [47:35.30]还有,福雷斯,虾可以随便吃 Hey, Forrest, all the shrimp you can eat.
      [47:39.91]真是个好主意 That's a fine idea.
      [47:42.58]布巴的主意真得很好 Bubba did have a fine idea.
      [47:49.90]我甚至写信给珍妮 I even wrote Jenny
      [47:51.23]告诉她这件事情 and told her all about it.
      [47:53.23]我给她寄信… I sent her letters--
      [47:54.90]差不多每天都寄 Not every day, but almost.
      [47:57.07]告诉她我在做的事 I told her what I was doing
      [47:59.41]也问她在做些什么 and asked her what she was doing
      [48:01.91]告诉她我经常想念她 and told her how I thought about her always.
      [48:06.48]和我多么希望 And how I was looking forward
      [48:08.48]能收到她一封回信 to getting a letter from her
      [48:10.48]只要她有时间 just as soon as she had the time.
      [48:13.32]我总是告诉她我很平安 I'd always let her know that I was O. K.
      [48:16.33]然后我的落款总是“爱你的福雷斯甘” Then I'd sign each letter "Love, Forrest Gump. "
      [48:33.68]“有事情正在发生” # There's somethin' happenin' here #
      [48:37.79]那一天,我们象平常一样走着 This one day, we was out walking like always,
      [48:41.46]然后,忽然之间 and then, just like that,
      [48:45.30]就象有人关掉天上的水龙头 somebody turned off the rain,
      [48:47.30]太阳出来了 and the sun come out.
      [48:48.97]“我必须小心” # I got to beware #
      [48:51.81]有埋伏! Ambush!
      [48:53.98]快找掩护! Take cover!
      [49:04.50]快把它拿过来,见鬼 Get that pig up here, god damn it!
      [49:07.26]福雷斯,你没事吧? Forrest! You okay?
      [49:12.00]强手,强手! Strong-arm, Strong-arm!
      [49:14.97]嘿!有个人倒下了! Hey! We got a man down!
      [49:17.84]强手,我们是第雷利六号!完毕! Strong-arm, this is Leg Lima 6! Over!
      [49:21.38]收到,强手!我们遭到袭击 Roger, Strong-arm! Be advised we have incoming
      [49:23.89]在蓝点树林 from the tree line at point blue
      [49:26.36]从两个方向!有冲锋枪和火箭筒! plus two! A.K.s and rockets!
      [49:28.76]我们损失惨重! We're getting it hard!
      [49:30.09]哑火!哑火! Misfire! Misfire!
      [49:32.73]见鬼! God damn it!
      [49:36.10]把那玩意扔掉撤退到树林! Get that pig unfucked and on the treeline!
      [49:41.88]他们压住我们了 They got us, and it hurt.
      [49:44.55]我们准备撤退 We're going to move back to the blue line.
      [49:48.12]撤退!撤退! Pull back! Pull back!
      [49:51.09]福雷斯!跑,福雷斯! Forrest! Run, Forrest!
      [49:53.16]撤退! Pull back!
      [49:54.96]跑!跑,兄弟! Run! Run, man!
      [49:57.24]跑! Run!
      [49:58.40]撤退,阿甘! Pull back, Gump!
      [50:01.24]跑,见鬼!跑! Run, God damn it! Run!
      [50:30.35]我一直跑,就象珍妮要我做的 I ran and ran just like Jenny told me to.
      [50:37.13]我跑得这么快这么远 I ran so far so fast
      [50:39.40]很快就只剩下我一个人 that pretty soon I was all by myself,
      [50:41.90]这下糟糕了 which was a bad thing.
      [50:43.57]布巴 Bubba.
      [50:47.24]布巴是我最好的朋友 Bubba was my best good friend.
      [50:49.41]我要保证他没事 I had to make sure he was O.K.
      [51:00.93]你在哪儿? Where the hell are you?
      [51:03.43]布巴! Bubba!
      [51:05.60]我回去找布巴途中 And on my way back to find Bubba,
      [51:08.61]发现有个人躺在地上 well, there was this boy laying on the ground.
      [51:11.45]泰克斯 Tex.
      [51:14.38]好了 O.K.
      [51:16.05]我不能让他单独躺在那里 I couldn't let him lay there all alone,
      [51:18.56]他非常害怕 scared the way he was,
      [51:20.06]所以我扶起他 so I grabbed him up
      [51:21.89]背他逃出那里 and run him out of there.
      [51:38.85]每次我回去找布巴 Every time I went back looking for Bubba,
      [51:41.66]总有人在喊: somebody else was saying,
      [51:43.16]“救命,福雷斯,救命!” "Help me, Forrest, help me! "
      [51:52.67]好了,好了 O.K. Here. Here .
      [51:57.15]不要怕,兄弟,躺下,你会没事的 No sweat, man. Lay back. You'll be O.K.
      [52:02.52]我开始担心我可能永远找不到布巴 I started to get scared that I might never find Bubba.
      [52:07.06]我知道我的处境 I know my position
      [52:08.56]越来越危险! is danger close!
      [52:10.53]这一带到处都是“越共” We got Charlie all over this area.
      [52:13.04]我这儿需要快速的支援,完毕 I got to have those fast movers in here now. Over.
      [52:16.04]丹中尉,科曼死了! Lieutenant Dan, Coleman's dead!
      [52:18.55]我知道他死了! I know he's dead!
      [52:20.05]我他妈的整个排全完了! My whole goddamn platoon is wiped out!
      [52:23.05]该死的! God damn it!
      [52:24.55]你干什么? What are you doing?
      [52:26.56]你把我放下! You leave me here!
      [52:28.06]走开,把我留在这里! Get away . Just leave me here!
      [52:30.06]走开! Get out!
      [52:31.57]啊!我说把我留在这儿,该死的! Aah! God, I said leave me here, God damn it!
      [52:35.57]雷利,我是强手 Leg Lima, this is Strong-arm.
      [52:38.01]我们马上提供快速支援,完毕 Be advised your fast movers are in bound. Over.
      [52:41.05]突然好象有什么东西跳起来咬我 Then it felt like something just jumped up and bit me.
      [52:44.52]啊!什么东西在咬我! Aah! Something bit me!
      [52:54.20]你这狗娘养的! You son of a bitch!
      [52:57.60]我不能离开我的排 I can't leave the platoon.
      [53:00.71]我叫你把我留在那里,阿甘 I told you to leave me there, Gump.
      [53:01.80]丢下我,你自己逃吧! Forget about me. Get your self out!
      [53:05.75]你听到我的话没有? Did you hear what I said?
      [53:08.05]阿甘,见鬼,放下我 Gump, damn it, put me down.
      [53:10.56]你自己逃吧 Get your ass out of here.
      [53:15.06]我没叫你救我出去,去你妈的! I didn't ask you to pull me out of there, God damn you!
      [53:18.27]你又要去哪里? Where the hell do you think you're going?
      [53:20.10]去找布巴 To get Bubba.
      [53:21.82]我已经呼叫空袭了 I got an air strike in bound right now.
      [53:24.78]他们会把那里炸平 They're going to nape the whole area.
      [53:27.35]留在这里!这是命令 Stay here! That's an order.
      [53:28.50]我要找到布巴! I gotta find Bubba!
      [53:46.54]福雷斯 Forrest.
      [53:55.56]布巴 Bubba.
      [53:56.96]我没事,福雷斯 I'm O.K., Forrest.
      [53:58.86]我没事 I'm O.K.
      [54:08.81]啊,布巴,不 O-Oh, Bubba, no.
      [54:10.91]我没事的 I'll be all right.
      [54:21.10]行了 Come on.
      [54:22.26]行了,行了 Come on. Come on.
      [54:27.97]我没事,福雷斯 Ugh. I'm O.K., Forrest.
      [54:33.62]我没事,我很好 I'm O.K. I'm fine.
      [55:12.07]炸平那里 Top smoke. Get it up there .
      [55:15.18]如果我知道这将是 If I'd have known this was going to be
      [55:18.11]我和布巴的最后一次谈话 the last time me and Bubba was gonna talk,
      [55:21.12]我会想些更好的话来说 I'd of thought of something better to say.
      [55:24.12]嘿,布巴 Hey, Bubba.
      [55:25.26]嘿,福雷斯 Hey, Forrest.
      [55:28.96]福雷斯… Forrest--
      [55:30.47]出什么事了? Why did this happen?
      [55:33.64]你中弹了 You got shot.
      [55:36.64]布巴说了一句我永远不会忘记的话 Then Bubba said something I won't ever forget.
      [55:41.08]我想回家 I want to go home.
      [55:44.72]布巴是我最好的好朋友 Bubba was my best good friend.
      [55:47.59]我还知道 And even I know
      [55:49.59]好朋友不是那么容易找到的 that ain't something you can find just around the corner.
      [55:53.10]布巴想当一个捕虾船的船长 Bubba was going to be a shrimping boat captain,
      [55:56.61]但是,他却死在越南的一条河边 but instead, he died right there by that river in Vietnam.
      [56:06.49]我要说的就是这些了 That's all I have to say about that.
      [56:11.03]那是粒子弹,是吗? It was a bullet, wasn't it?
      [56:15.13]子弹? A bullet?
      [56:16.64]跳起来咬你的那个东西 That jumped up and bit you.
      [56:20.51]啊,对,先生 Oh. Yes, sir.
      [56:22.44]正好咬在我屁股上 Bit me directly in the but-tocks .
      [56:25.15]他们说这样的伤口价值百万,但… They said it was a million dollar wound, but...
      [56:29.65]那些钱大概是被军队留着了 the army must keep that money ,
      [56:31.66]因为那一百万我至今连半毛钱也没看见 'cause I still ain't seen a nickel of that million dollars .
      [56:35.66]屁股受伤的唯一好处 The only good thing about being wounded in the but-tocks
      [56:39.56]是冰淇淋 is the ice cream.
      [56:41.39]我能吃多少冰淇淋他们就给我多少 They gave me all the ice cream I could eat.
      [56:44.36]你猜怎么着? And guess what?
      [56:45.87]我的一位好朋友就在隔壁床上 A good friend of mine was in the bed right next door.
      [56:51.08]丹中尉,我给你拿冰淇淋来了 Lieutenant Dan, I got you some ice cream.
      [56:56.01]丹中尉,冰淇淋! Lieutenant Dan, ice cream!
      [57:09.60]你该洗澡了,中尉 It's time for your bath, Lieutenant.
      [57:20.62]哈珀! Harper!
      [57:25.63]库珀 Cooper.
      [57:27.13]拉森 Larson.
      [57:30.13]韦斯特 Webster.
      [57:32.64]阿甘 Gump.
      [57:34.14]阿甘! Gump!
      [57:35.64]我是福雷斯甘 I'm Forrest Gump.
      [57:39.58]凯利 Kyle.
      [57:42.58]尼科斯 Nichols.
      [57:45.66]麦克米尔 McMill.
      [57:48.09]约翰逊 Johnson.
      [58:00.16]惊喜,惊喜,惊喜! Surprise, surprise, surprise!
      [58:05.93]阿甘,你怎么能看这种狗屎节目? Gump, how can you watch that stupid shit?
      [58:09.44]把它关掉 Turn it off.
      [58:10.94]你正在收看美军台 You are tuned to the American forces
      [58:13.45]越南电视网 Vietnam network.
      [58:14.95]这是西贡台6频道 This is channel 6, Saigon.
      [58:18.95]接得好,阿甘 Good catch, Gump.
      [58:22.46]你知道怎么打吗? You know how to play this?
      [58:25.96]来,我教你 Come on. Let me show you.
      [58:29.97]打乒乓球的关键就是 Now, the secret to this game is
      [58:32.47]无论发生什么事 no matter what happens,
      [58:34.48]永远不要… never, ever...
      [58:36.98]把目光离开球 take your eye off the ball.
      [58:41.99]好吧 All right.
      [58:46.50]不知为什么 For some reason,
      [58:48.00]我天生是打乒乓的料 Ping-Pong came very natural to me.
      [58:50.50]看见了? See?
      [58:51.74]连傻瓜也会打 Any idiot can play .
      [58:54.01]于是我开始经常打球 So I started playing it all the time.
      [58:57.51]我打乒乓球 I played Ping-Pong
      [58:59.21]甚至没人陪着也能打 even when I didn't have anyone to play Ping-Pong with.
      [59:11.16]医院里的人 The hospital's people
      [59:12.67]说我就象下了水的鸭子… said it made me look like a duck in water--
      [59:16.67]不管那是什么意思 Whatever that means.
      [59:18.18]但连丹中尉也来看我打球 Even Lieutenant Dan would come and watch me play.
      [59:26.15]我打了这么多的乒乓球 I played Ping-Pong so much,
      [59:28.65]连睡觉时也在打 I even played it in my sleep.
      [59:38.60]现在… Now...
      [59:39.60]听我说 you listen to me.
      [59:41.10]我们都有自己的命运 We all have a destiny.
      [59:43.10]没什么事是完全偶然的,它总有缘故 Nothing just happens. It's all part of a plan!
      [59:46.61]我应该和我的士兵一起死在那儿 I should have died out there with my men,
      [59:49.68]但现在…我只是个他妈的残废人 but now...I'm nothing but a god damn cripple,
      [59:53.75]没腿的怪物! a legless freak!
      [59:55.52]看着我! Look. Look! Look at me!
      [59:57.69]你看见没有? You see that?
      [59:59.20]你知不知道 Do you know what it's like
      [60:01.13]没有腿是什么感觉? not to be able to use your legs?
      [60:06.14]是,长官。我知道 Y-Y -Yes, sir, I do.
      [60:11.65]你清楚我的话没有? Did you hear what I said?
      [60:14.48]你害了我! You cheated me!
      [60:16.42]我有自己的命运 I had a destiny .
      [60:17.92]我本该死在战场上 I was supposed to die in the field
      [60:20.53]带着荣誉! with honor!
      [60:21.79]那才是我的命运 That was my destiny,
      [60:23.60]而你…使我得不到它! and you... cheated me out of it!
      [60:35.11]你听明白我的话了吗,阿甘? You understand what I'm saying, Gump?
      [60:39.96]本来不应该是这样… This wasn't supposed to happen--
      [60:43.13]我不应该这样 Not to me.
      [60:46.47]我有自己的命运 I had a destiny.
      [60:49.97]我曾经是… I was...
      [60:51.64]中尉军官… Lieutenant...
      [60:53.48]丹泰勒 Dan Taylor.
      [61:00.09]你仍然是 Y-You still
      [61:02.09]丹中尉 Lieutenant Dan.
      [61:26.12]看着我 Look at me.
      [61:29.13]现在我能做什么? What am I going to do now?
      [61:34.14]现在我能做什么? What am I going to do now?
      [61:46.66]列兵阿甘? PFC Gump?
      [61:50.16]是,长官! Yes, sir!
      [61:51.96]因为你的表现 As you were.
      [61:54.50]孩子 Son,
      [61:55.67]你获得荣誉勋章 you been awarded the Medal of Honor.
      [61:58.26]你知道吗,丹中尉? Guess what, Lieutenant Dan?
      [62:00.57]他们要给我勋… They want to give me a med--
      [62:09.08]太太 Ma'am.
      [62:11.08]丹中尉怎么了? What did they do with Lieutenant Dan?
      [62:13.59]他们送他回家了 They sent him home.
      [62:22.10]两星期后,我离开越南 Two weeks later, I left Vietnam.
      [62:25.54]典礼已经开始 The ceremony was kicked off
      [62:27.11]首先是总统的演说 with a can did speech by the president
      [62:29.28]关于扩大越南战争的必要性 regarding the need for further escalation of the war in Vietnam.
      [62:33.78]约翰逊总统给四名军人颁发了荣誉勋章 Johnson awarded 4 Medals of Honor to men from each of the armed services.
      [62:37.79]美国深深地感谢你,孩子 America owes you a debt of gratitude, son.
      [62:41.63]我知道你受过伤 I understand you were wounded.
      [62:43.63]你的伤口在哪儿? Where were you hit?
      [62:45.63]在屁股上,先生 In the but-tocks, sir.
      [62:47.30]嗯,那一定很好看 Well, that must be a sight.
      [62:49.31]我倒想瞧一瞧 I'd kinda like to see that.
      [62:52.14]“我献歌给你,罗宾森太太” # And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson #
      [62:55.98]“耶稣对你也特别垂青” #Jesus loves you more than you will know #
      [63:02.69]“上帝保佑你,罗宾森太太” # God bless you, please, Mrs. Robinson #
      [63:06.10]老天,这孩子! God damn, son!
      [63:09.60]然后妈妈回酒店休息 After that, Mama went to the hotel to lay down,
      [63:13.11]我出去在我们的首都随处走走 so I went out for a walk to see our nation's capital.
      [63:17.11]希拉里!我找了兽医来 Hilary! I got the vets.
      [63:19.12]你找他们做什么? What do you want to do with them?
      [63:21.99]妈妈就应该休息 It's a good thing Mama was resting,
      [63:24.50]他们来看那些雕像和纪念碑 lookin'at all the statues and monuments,
      [63:24.63]因为街上人挤得要死 'cause the streets was awful crowded with people
      [63:29.63]有些人吵吵嚷嚷的 and some of them people were loud and pushy.
      [63:33.33]好了,跟着我! O.K., follow me!
      [63:35.24]不管去哪里,我都要排队 Everywhere I went, I had to stand in line.
      [63:45.35]快点 Come on.
      [63:46.49]走! Go!
      [63:56.37]嘿,你这么做太对了 Hey, you're a good man for doing this.
      [63:59.73]很好 Good.
      [64:01.43]好 O.K.
      [64:04.13]那儿有这么个人在演讲 There was this man giving a little talk.
      [64:06.78]不知什么原因 And for some reason,
      [64:07.64]他身上穿着美国国旗 he was wearing an American flag for a shirt.
      [64:12.15]他还很爱说“操”… And he liked to say the "F" word...a lot.
      [64:16.15]操这个、操那个 "F" this and "F" that.
      [64:18.49]每次他说“操” And every time he said the "F" word,
      [64:21.53]人们不知什么原因就一阵欢呼 people, for some reason, well, they cheered.
      [64:26.17]对!对! Yeah! Yeah!
      [64:30.31]来,兄弟,上来,兄弟 Come on, man. Come up here, man.
      [64:33.83]过来,过来 Come on. Come on.
      [64:35.27]对,你!过来,快! Yeah, you! Come on. Move, move !
      [64:39.07]快,我们上去 Go on. Let's get up there .
      [64:54.10]给我们讲讲这场战争吧,兄弟 Tell us a little bit about the war, man.
      [64:56.60]越南的战争? The war in Vietnam?
      [64:57.48]就是这场… The war in Viet-
      [64:59.70]…操他妈的越南战争! fucking-nam!
      [65:26.98]嗯… Well--
      [65:28.48]我能说的只有一件事 There was only one thing I could say
      [65:31.49]关于越南战争 about the war in Vietnam.
      [65:32.99]我能说的只有一件事关于… There's only one thing I can say about...
      [65:36.00]越南战争 the war in Vietnam.
      [65:40.00]在越南… In Vietnam...
      [65:54.02]你在干什么… What the hell are you do--
      [65:56.03]我打死你,你这该死的猪头! I'll beat your head in, you goddamn oinker!
      [65:59.03]天那!他究竟是怎么搞的? Jesus Christ! What did they do with this?
      [66:01.54]听不见! Can't hear you!
      [66:05.14]什么也听不见 Can't hear anything!
      [66:08.48]这个…这个! This--This one!
      [66:09.48]给我那个! Give me that!
      [66:10.48]大声点! Speak up!
      [66:15.75]我要说的就是… And that's all I have to say


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